MDToday is GBMC's physician newsletter. Published quarterly. MDToday provides information about: 

  • New developments in medical technology, practices, services and care plans
  • Changes and improvements in medical staff policies and procedures adopted by GBMC medical staff governing bodies
  • Programs that support GBMC's commitment to helping its physicians practice cutting edge medicine through professional education, research and practice management opportunities
  • The challenges of the current healthcare environment
  • New additions to the medical staff

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MD Today - Summer 2016 Summer 2016 Edition Topics
  • Working to Reduce Waste, Improve Efficiency in GBMC's Operating Rooms
  • New Sepsis Protocol Results in Decreased Mortality Rates
  • Epic Training
  • New Professional Accountability Policy to be Introduced
  • Who's New and Accomplishments
MD Today - Spring 2016 Spring 2016 Edition Topics
  • Changes in Operating Room Will Improve Efficiency and Satisfaction
  • 2016 Will Be An "Epic" Year
  • Integrating GBMC's Support Services
  • Gilchrist Services Provides Broad Range of Program, Services for All Patients with Advanced Illness
  • Q & A with JoAnn Z. Ioannou, Sr. Vice President of Patient Care Services and CNO
  • GBMC's PaCT to Patients
MD Today - Fall 2015 Fall 2015 Edition Topics
  • Celebrating 50 Years of Caring for the Community
  • GBMC Earns Important Cancer Accreditations
  • GBMC Top Docs
  • Clinical Trials: Providing Cancer Patients with Current and Future State-of-the-Art Care
  • Epic: Training is Around the Corner
  • Improved Healthcare Experiences for Patients and Physicians Alike
MD Today - Summer 2015 Summer 2015 Edition Topics
  • 50th Anniversary Festivities to Culminate in October Gala
  • Two GBMC HealthCare Family Members Recognized as Top 100 Women
  • Caring About Our Employees and Staff
  • Compassionate Caregiver Award
  • Monthly Scorecards Track Quality Metrics
  • Continued Use of Crimson Equals Continuous Improvement
  • Digging Deeper into Epic
  • Who's New to GBMC
MD Today - Spring 2015 Spring 2015 Edition Topics
  • GBMC's Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Retiring
  • GBMC Receives Multiple Blue Distinction® Center Designations
  • Integrating Quality Healthcare with the Comforts of Home
  • Epic Status Update
  • GBMC Weathers a Harsh Flu Seasons with Care
  • Proactive Strides Against MHACs
  • Who's New to GBMC
  • Doctor Accomplishments
MD Today - Fall 2014 Winter 2015 Edition Topics
  • Celebrating 50 Years with 50 Fun Things
  • Sizeable Donations to Fund GBMC's Cancer Programs
  • Update Your Information on Find a Doctor
  • GBMC Receives Delmarva Foundation 2014 Quality Excellence Award
  • Replacing Panic with Preparedness
  • Improving Quality of Life through Advanced Illness Management
  • The Future of Primary Care is Here
  • Introducing Epic
MD Today - Fall 2014 Fall 2014 Edition Topics
  • 50 Inaugural Physician Titans of Care Announced
  • GBMC Wins Pink!
  • GBMC HealthCare, Inc. Announces New Chair of the Board of Directors
  • Pulmonary Medicine at GBMC Welcomes New Physicians
  • "Intensifying" Intensive Care
  • Look Alike-Sound Alike Medications: We See What We Expect to See
  • Community Hospital with University-Level Tertiary Pediatric Care
  • Crimson: Providing the Data Needed for Improvement
MD Today- Summer 2014

Summer 2014 Edition Topics

  • A Golden Celebration in 2015
  • Gilchrist Celebrates 20 Years of Service
  • NICU Nurse Wins Seventh Annual Compassionate Caregiver Award
  • Long-Lasting Treatment for Aneurysms with Short Aortic Neck
  • Employing Technology to Reduce Patient Harm
  • Johns Hopkins Voice Center at GBMC Offers New Treatment Room for Vocal Disorders Patients
  • One Year Later: Lean Daily Management Sets Improvement in Motion
MD Today- Spring 2014

Spring 2014 Edition Topics

  • GBMC Prepares for ICD-10
  • Update Your Information on Find a Doctor
  • An Innovative New Home for Family Care Associates
  • A New Frontier in Treating Early Stage Breast Cancer
  • Coordination of Care: Case Study in Radiology
  • GBMC's Infection Prevention Department: Using a Systematic Approach to Make Care Safer
  • Out with the Old System and in with the New: A Budget for Hospital Care
MD Today- Winter 2014

Winter 2014 Edition Topics

  • Telling the Untold Story: Online Journal Offers Scholarly Insights
  • Update Your Information on Find a Doctor
  • Doctors with a Vision: Ophthalmologists Lobby to Make Vision-sparing Treatment More Accessible
  • What is Crimson?
  • Internal Medicine Residency Program Explained
  • Clearing the Confusion: Differentiating between the Observation and Inpatient Case
MD Today- Fall 2013

Fall 2013 Edition Topics

  • GBMC's President and CEO is Community's Best Advocate for Reform
  • GBMC Mourns the Passing of Jeanne H. Baetjer
  • In Memoriam: Leonard Myrton "Myrt" Gaines, Jr., MD
  • Using Best Practices, Patient Education to Greatly Reduce SSIs in Knee and Hip Replacement Patients
  • The Growing Importance of Advance Care Planning
  • GBMC's Center for Neurology: A Comprehensive Resource for Patients
  • Another Successful Physician Meet and Greet
MD Today- Summer 2013

Summer 2013 Edition Topics

  • New Evidence-based Tool Cuts Pediatric Brain CT Scans in Half
  • When a Doctor's Office Becomes a Home
  • Reminder - Update Your Information on Find a Doctor
  • Linda Kelly Honored with GBMC's Compassionate Caregiver Award
  • LEAN Dail Management Empowers GBMC's Staff to Improve Performance Every Day
  • How Could I Miss It?
  • The Growing Importance of Philanthropy in Healthcare
  • Reducing Readmissions in CHF and COPD Patients
MD Today- Spring 2013

Spring 2013 Edition Topics

  • New Treatments Significantly Expand Options for Patients Living with Fecal Incontinence
  • Quality and Patient Safety Measures on
  • Is Your Information Up-to-Date?
  • Medical Library Offers New Clinical Key Search Engine
  • Introducing myPatients
  • Taking on Workplace Violence
  • Palliative Medicine Program at GBMC
  • Patient Story: A Call to "Alarms"
  • Fedra Carman to Retire as Director of Medical Staff Services
MD Today- Winter 2013

Winter 2013 Edition Topics

  • Even More Top Docs than Ever Before
  • Introducing Outpatient Physical and Occupational Therapy Services
  • GBMC Earns Trailblazer Award for Environmental Efforts
  • Integrated Team Approach Provides Head & Neck Cancer Patients with the Full Spectrum of Treatment and Support
  • Primary Care Point of View
  • Automatic Stop Orders: Correcting a Design Flaw in a Well-Intentioned System
  • Oncology Vital Signs: Annual Report of GBMC's Sandra & Malcolm Berman Cancer Institute
MD Today- Fall 2012

Fall 2012 Edition Topics

  • New Technology Modernizes Hand Hygiene Compliance
  • GBMC Collaborates with Johns Hopkins Home Care Group
  • Jospeh Califano Announced as Medical Director of Dance Center
  • Good Catches Result in System Changes
  • Primary Care Point of View
  • Treating Thyroid Patients with a Team Approach
  • Shared Savings Program is an Exciting Opportunity for the Organization

MD Today- Spring 2012


Summer 2012 Edition Topics

  • Infection Prevention is a Team Effort
  • GBMC Foundation Supports Physicians
  • GBMC Attests for Meaningful Use Phase 1
  • Gilchrist Hospice Care Social Work Team Recognized with 5th Annual Compassionate Caregiver Award
  • Helping Patients Navigate Healthcare after Hospital Discharge
  • Primary Care Point of View
  • Improving Care for Patients with Diabetes
  • CMS Shared Savings Program Beneficial for GBMC

MD Today- Spring 2012


Spring 2012 Edition Topics

  • Minimally Invasive Surgical Center at GBMC Offers Convenient Training for Physicians
  • Surgical Smoothing Continues to Help Throughput
  • Getting into Action for Patient Safety
  • Using Technology to Reach the Next Level of Healthcare
  • Primary Care Point of View
  • Gilchrist Hospice Care Broadens its Horizons

MD Today- Winter 2012


Winter 2012 Edition Topics

  • Quality and Safety Begin at the Top
  • CPOE Helps Reduce Medication Errors
  • Physician Recognition Dinner
  • The GBMC/Kaiser Permanente Connection
  • Primary Care Point of View
  • Improving the Three C's on Units: Communication, Coordination and Collaboration
  • Who's New/Promotions and Accomplishments

Spring 2010 Edition

Fall 2011 Edition Topics:

  • Reporting Errors Can Help Improve Patient Safety
  • Flu Vaccination Mandatory for Employed and Non-Employed Physicians
  • Cupcakes for a Cause
  • The Overseers of Healthcare: Board of Directors Ensures GBMC Stays the Course 
  • Primary Care Point of View
  • A Step by Step Guide to Proving Meaningful Use
  • RN Care Managers A Crucial Addition
 Summer 2011 Edition

Summer 2011 Edition Topics

  • Surgical Smoothing Initiative Aims to Improve Patient Flow
  • Physician Wins Fourth Annual Compassionate Caregiver Award
  • A Unique Clinic for a Rare Disorder
  • GBMC's Strategy for the Future of Healthcare - Caring for the Community Like Our Own Loved Ones
  • Primary Care Point of View
  • Difficult Decisions: Ethics Committee Serves as Resource for Physicians
 Spring 2011 Edition

Spring 2011 Edition Topics

  • Culture of Patient Safety Survey Provides Critical Information
  • CPOE + LEAN = Faster Medication Turnaround
  • Transforming Healthcare Begins at "Home"
  • Primary Care Point of View
  • Communication and Comfort: Pediatric Inpatient Unit Follows these Principles for Success
 Winter 2011 Edition

Winter 2011 Edition Topics:

  • A Message from GBMC's President and CEO
  • GBMC's Primary Stroke Center Receives Re-certification
  • New 3T MRI Scanner "Attracts" Attention
  • Piecing Together the Healthcare Reform Puzzle
  • Working Together to Promote Patient Safety
  • Preparing for Healthcare Reform with Technology
 Fall 2010 Edition

Fall 2010 Edition Topics: 

  • A Conversation with GBMC's New President and CEO
  • Training and Support are Key to CPOE Launch
  • The Sound of Success: GBMC's First Bilateral Simultaneous Cochlear Implant
  • Primary Care Point of View
  • The Results Are In...
  • New Technology, Fast Results

Summer 2010 Edition

Summer 2010 Edition Topics:

  • GBMC HealthCare Announces New President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Order Entries Go Electronic
  • Lauren Schnaper, MD, FACS, Named One of Maryland's Top 100 Women
  • Inpatient Diabetes Consultations - When and How to Request
  • Preventing Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections

Spring 2010 Edition

Spring 2010 Edition Topics:

  • LEANing Towards More Streamlined Operations
  • Women's Minimally Invasive Training Lab Opens
  • Rest assured...Sleep Center Receives 5-year Accreditation
  • Times Are A Changin... And GBMA is Leading the Way
  • Treating a Silent Epidemic
  • A GBMC First: Robotic Tonsil Resection

Winter 2010 Edition

Winter 2010 Edition Topics:

  • Geriatric Consultations - When and How to Request
  • Rapid Response Team To The Rescue
  • Johns Hopkins Cardiology at GBMC
  • Laparoendoscopic Single-Site Surgery in GYN: "LESS" is More
  • CPOE to Launch in Fall 2010
 Spring 2009 Edition

Spring 2009 Edition Topics:

  • William Crawley, MD, Named Chief of Plastic Surgery
  • Yellow, Red Alerts Down in GBMC's Emergency Department
  • Bedside Nurse Vacancy Rate at Lowest Level
  • First Minimally Invasive, Robotically-Assisted Partial Nephrectomy Performed at GBMC
  • Here Comes the Sun...

Winter 2009 Edition

Winter 2009 Edition Topics:

  • New Imaging Technology, Digital Monitoring System Complement Digital Mammography in Breast Care Center
  • Two GBMC Centers Get Facelifts, Re-open Bigger, and Better
  • Preventing Falls, Improving Safety
  • Where Am I? Finding Your Way Around GBMC Just Got Easier
  • GBMC's New Uterine Fibroid Center Offers Relief for Women
  • Moving Right Along - Patient Flow Efforts Begin to Pay Off
Summer Edition 2008 Summer 2008 Edition Topics:

  • Earlier Patient Discharge Time
  •  A New Era for GBMC's Oncology Program
  •  GBMC's Chairman, Department of Surgery Steps Down
  •  Bringing Health, Healing and Hope Throughout the World
  •  High-Definition Visualization
  •  Click! Photography Enthusiasts Among Us
Spring 2008 Edition

Spring 2008 Edition Topics:

  • New Digital Mammography Equipment
  •  Remember Prohibited Abbreviations for Safety's Sake
  •  When Using the Phone, Name and Diagnosis, Please
  •  Compassion Has a New Name: Gilchrist Hospice Care
  •  Patients Living with "Orphan Disorder"
  •  New Vice Chairman of Department of Surgery Appointed
  •  GBMC Make Strides in International Type 1 Diabetes Study

Winter 2008 Edition

Winter 2008 Edition Topics:

  • New Chairman of Emergency Medicine Appointed
  • Groundbreaking Prenatal Testing Study
  • GBMC Reduces Usage of Peri-Operative Prophylactic Antibiotics
  • GBMC Physicians named "Baltimore Top Doctors"
  • Focus On: RN Retention and Recruitment Efforts
  • The New Palliative Medicine Program
Fall 2007 Edition Fall 2007 Edition Topics:

  • GBMC and Johns Hopkins Medicine Affiliation Agreement
  •  Standardized Patient Hand-off Communication Saves Lives
  •  GBMC One of "America's Best Hospitals"
  •  Shady Grove at GBMC
  •  GBMC's New Ad Campaign "Puts Minds at Ease"
  •  Uterine Fibroid Embolization
  •  GBMC Physicians Strive to Make the World A Better Place
  •  GBMC Surgeons Perform Maryland's First Robotic Bladder Surgery
Spring 2007 Edition Spring/Summer 2007  Edition Topics:

  • New CT Scanner Augments Breadth of Services in Radiology
  • NeighborCare Pharmacy Opens in PPNorth I
  • Orthopaedic Club Room Expanded
  • Renovation Work Focuses on Crisis Patients
  • Outpatient Ostomy Clinic Opens
  • Sleep Center Moving to First Floor
  • GBMC at Eastpoint Mall Closes, Relocates
  • New Wayfinding Campaign Makes Navigating GBMC's Campus Easier

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