Your Connection to Good Health

Nothing is more important than your health and well-being. Taking an active role in managing your healthcare is the first – and one of the most important – steps you can make to achieving a healthy life.

To make tracking your healthcare more interactive and convenient, GBMC is providing you with myGBMC. This online personalized, secure communication link provides 24-hour access to your personal health information. It also offers you online tools to help you manage your care more effectively.

Through myGBMC, you can confidentially and securely:

  • Access your personal medical record.
  • Communicate with your physician's office.
  • Review your Patient Health Record (PHR), including recent laboratory results and health summaries.
  • Request prescription refills and referral renewal.
  • Enter immunizations received outside your GBMC primary care office.
  • Request a referral to see a specialist.
  • View past and current account statements.
  • Update your personal information, and more!
  • Be sure to check the recent updates section below for the latest features!

    Ready to take charge of your health? Simply click the links below to learn more.

    Remember! Your username consists of your first name, last name and year of birth.

    If you are experiencing any technical issues with myGBMC, please contact your physician's practice directly. PLEASE NOTE: myGBMC is not to be used for diagnosing a medical concern or for treatment. If you require immediate medical attention, please contact your physician’s office directly by phone or call 911 in an emergency.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What is myGBMC?
    A. myGBMC is a secure website that enables you to communicate with your physician’s office easily, securely and confidentially. It provides 24-hour access to select information from your personal health record and can help you manage important aspects of your healthcare.

    Q. Is myGBMC secure?
    A. Yes. myGBMC provides encrypted communication in full compliance with state and federal requirements. Access to your health information is secured by your personalized username and password. Unlike conventional email, messages sent through myGBMC are handled while securely logged on to the website. When a message is received through myGBMC, you will receive a notification in your personal email inbox. Note: Any messages submitted via the web portal become a part of your medical chart. Please do not submit messages, requests, or other information regarding anyone other than yourself. If you have questions or concerns, please check with your healthcare provider.

    Q. Can I email my physician directly through myGBMC>
    A. myGBMC is not a direct email messaging system. Though messages can be sent to staff at your physician's office, we recommend you take any medical concerns directly to your doctor by calling or making an appointment.

    Q. How quickly can I expect a response from my physician's office?
    A. Incoming messages are only reviewed during regular business hours. If you are expecting a message from your physician and have not received a response within two business days, be sure to check your personal email's spam folder.

    Q. Which Internet browser should I use?
    A. Although myGBMC can be accessed through virtually any Web browser, we recommend you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for an optimal user experience.

    Q. Who do I contact with questions or for assistance?
    A. If you have questions or need technical assistance, call your physician's office during normal business hours. Please do not send support-related questions through myGBMC.

    How to Get Started with myGBMC

    1. Ask your physician’s office to register you for myGBMC. You will receive a username and temporary password.
    2. Visit and click on the blue myGBMC Login button. Enter your username and temporary password in the login box and click LOGIN.Remember! Your username consists of your first name, last name and year of birth.
    3. Change your temporary password. For maximum security, your new password should be a combination of letters, numbers and special characters, at least eight characters in length.
    4. Answer several security questions to provide added protection to your account and click Submit. This information can be used if you ever need to reset your password.
    5. Read and agree to any consent forms. These forms provide information on the security of myGBMC, as well as details about protecting your private information. You must agree to these consent forms before you can fully access the benefits of myGBMC.

    Congratulations! You are now ready to take advantage of the 24-hour benefits offered by myGBMC. By clicking the links along the left-hand side of the page, you will be able to access and manage your health and personal information. When finished, be sure to log off for added security.

    A Summary of myGBMC Features

    myGBMC enables you to easily and securely communicate with your physician’s office. Once logged in, you may also access information from your personal health record and manage important aspects of your care. Below you will find a description of the various functions available through myGBMC.

    The Dashboard provides you with quick access to the most commonly used myGBMC features, including medical record and lab result access, current medication lists and prescription refill requests.

    Medical Records
    Under Medical Records, you will find your latest lab reports, a visit summary, your personal health record and a link to update or request referrals from physicians.

    My Account
    The My Account section allows you to access and update your personal information, reset your password and view your current and past statements.

    Messages allows you to access any communications sent to or from your physician's office as well as request prescription refills and referrals. You can also securely contact your physician's office for non-emergency questions and concerns through the "Ask The Practice" function.

    Your Appointments tab allows you to view your upcoming or past appointments.

    Questionnaires provide you with the ability to input additional information regarding your healthcare in the following fields: medical history, surgical and allergies and immunizations.

    My Devices
    The My Devices section gives you the ability to download the healow mobile app which interfaces with myGBMC to keep your health and wellness information at your fingertips.

    Recent Updates

    Additional conveniences and services are evaluated throughout the year. Below is a list of the most recent new features:
    1. No new information at this time.

    Minimum Computer Requirements

    Although myGBMC can be accessed through virtually any Web browser, we recommend you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for an optimal user experience.

    Video Tutorial

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