Wound Care - FAQ/Patient Resources

GBMC Wound Care Center heals complex diabetic, arterial, venous, and pressure wounds with multispecialty care.

What is a wound care center?

Any break in the skin that has not improved over the course of 2-3 weeks would benefit from a visit to the GBMC Wound Care Center. The wound may not be healing because of swelling, infection, lack of blood flow, or pressure on the wound. Our multispecialty group of physicians and experienced nurses use advanced dressings to heal complex wounds as quickly as possible. We work with your primary care or referring physicians to heal the wound and keep them healed.

Who will be taking care of me at the GBMC Wound Care Center?

The GBMC Wound Care Center is staffed by Podiatry, Plastic Surgery, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Vascular Surgery, a Lymphedemiologist, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Specialists. Our panel of 16 physicians treats the most complex wounds in one of the largest wound care centers in the country.

How long will my wound take to heal?

By keeping the wound clean with frequent removal of unhealthy tissue, using advance biologic dressings, decreasing pressure over affected area, utilizing compression wraps and evaluating the possibility of using hyperbaric oxygen therapy we can reduce healing times by months. Without frequent wound care these wounds tend to stall in their healing. They may not get worse but they will not likely improve either. We have many advanced wound care therapies that are proven to accelerate healing.

Which are the most difficult wounds to heal?

Diabetic foot ulcers put patients at major risk for limb loss. Venous stasis ulcers can recur frequently. Pressure sores are extremely challenging for patients with limited mobility. Arterial ulcers need the expertise of a vascular surgeon. These wounds are difficult to control and heal in any physicians practice. We can help. Our vascular surgeons work to improve blood flow and control swelling. Plastic surgery is available to reconstruct complex wounds. Podiatry has multiple options for foot pressure offloading. We work together in one center to heal difficult wounds.

Why should I come to the wound care center?

The GBMC Wound Care Center offers advanced multispecialty wound care. Our nurses have decades of experience. Your wound will heal much faster so you can return to your life more quickly. We work with your primary care or referring physician to heal your wound and keep you healed.

Do you need the Wound Care Center?

If you have a sore or wound that has not improved significantly in 4 weeks or healed entirely in 8 weeks, you should ask your doctor about the Wound Care Center.

What kind of treatment will I receive?

We will develop a treatment program based on your individual needs. This program will include regular visits to the Wound Care Center to provide treatment, evaluate progress and make any changes needed to improve the healing process. You (or your caregiver) will be provided education and detail instructions on home care, dressing changes and protecting the wound from further injury.

Does my insurance cover treatment?

Most health plans, including Medicare, cover Wound Care Center treatment. Your coverage depends on your specific plan. If you have a Managed Care Plan (MCO) you will most likely need a referral from your primary care physician. Be sure to bring your insurance cards with you when you visit the Wound Care Center and let us know of any changes during your treatment.

Will you keep my primary care doctor informed?

The Wound Care Center works with your primary care doctor, just like any other medical specialist. We will discuss your treatment program with your doctor and keep him or her updated on your progress, unless instructed otherwise. Remember, you will need to keep seeing your primary care doctor for routine medical care.

Patients at the GBMC Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine Center receive the highest quality chronic wound treatment available. In the resources below, our experts provide you with the information you need on chronic wound care and prevention. We offer our extensive knowledge in the types of chronic wounds we treat at GBMC and education on preventive care, so that you can be an informed partner with your care team.

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