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Greater Baltimore Neurosurgical Associates

A focus on the least invasive and most technically advanced treatment options for our patients

Greater Baltimore Neurosurgical Associates provides a broad spectrum of care for people with brain and spine disorders, diseases, injuries and back and neck pain incorporating non-surgical and surgical treatments and services.

The mission of Greater Baltimore Neurosurgical Associates is to relieve the pain and anxiety we know our patients feel and return them to the life they want to live. We accomplish that by using the most advanced surgical technologies and treating our patients and their family members with exceptional personal care. We also accomplish our mission by reaching out to the medical community in sharing neuro-scientific knowledge and techniques.

Our Team

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Bimal Rami, MD, FAANS
Bimal Rami, MD, FAANS
Director of Neurosurgery
Neurological Surgery
Bimal Rami, MD, FAANS
Bimal Rami, MD, FAANS
Director of Neurosurgery
Neurological Surgery
Mark H Iguchi, MD, FAANS
Mark H. Iguchi, MD, FAANS
Neurological Surgery
Mark H Iguchi, MD, FAANS
Mark H. Iguchi, MD, FAANS
Neurological Surgery

Our Services

Greater Baltimore Neurosurgical Associates have devised individualized treatment for a wide range of conditions including:

Back and Spine Conditions:
  • Arthritis of the spine and back
  • Cancer of the spine
  • Degenerated disc
  • Fractures of the spine
  • Herniated disc of the spine
  • Herniated disc in the neck (the cervical spine)
  • Lumbar spine problems, especially chronic degeneration of the spine
  • Pinched nerve caused by bone spurs in the neck
  • Sciatica radiculopathy (a radiating pain in the hip caused by a problem with the nerve roots)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Spinal nerve compression
  • Back pain
Brain and Head Conditions:
  • Brain tumors
  • Head injuries
  • Head and neck pain
  • Hemorrhage, hematoma (blood clot), or swelling affecting the brain
Other Conditions:
  • Nerve entrapment syndromes, including Carpal Tunnel
  • Peripheral nerve injuries

Patient Forms and Resources

Your First Appointment

Motor Vehicle Injuries and Worker's Compensation
Please be sure to mention if you are being seen as a Worker's Compensation Patient or if you were injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Specific paperwork is required which may delay your care if not properly obtained.

Prior X-Ray, CT Scans, MRIs
Please bring your most recent X-Rays, CT Scans or MRIs and the typed report. We request that you bring films-- not a CD of your images.

Insurance Plans
Please inform our staff of your insurance plan when you call. If your insurance plan requires that you have a referral, please contact your primary care doctor's office to obtain one. Our staff will assist you in determining whether or not you need a referral. We are required to collect co-pays at the time of your visit.

During Your Visit
We ask that you fill out a new patient registration form, or confirm your existing information if you have been to our center before. You may bring someone with you into our exam room. Our nursing staff will escort you and your family member or visitor back to our examination rooms where we will conduct a thorough evaluation of your condition. At the end of your evaluation, our physicians will review treatment options and help you understand why you are experiencing the pain or symptoms you have.
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