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Why Work at GBMC?

Making a decision about where to begin or enhance your career in healthcare is never an easy process. Where will I be successful? Which institution will compensate me fairly? Who will train me and how will I know how I'm doing? What work environment will be one in which I can thrive and be motivated?

When you consider a career at GBMC you can rest assured that your questions will be answered about the "objective data" you'll need to make your decision. But more importantly, pay attention to the spirit, passion, and teamwork at GBMC. Talk to the people who work here, pay attention to the questions you are asked during an interview or the interaction you see in the departments you visit. You can count on your pay being competitive and your benefits generous.

But, equally important will be the atmosphere at GBMC, the family feel among the employees, the daily display of our GREATER Behaviors (Respect, Excellence, Accountability, Teamwork, Ethical Behavior, and Results) and a supportive management team that has high expectations, appreciates dedication, encourages education and advancement, and lives the hospital's values of Health, Healing, and Hope.

Tuition Assistance

The tuition assistance program reflects GBMC's vision to be the leading medical center in Maryland: committed to medical, professional and community education. GBMC wants to support your growth, whether it's to help you improve in your current position or move into another position at GBMC. Applicants are eligible once they have been employed for 6 months. Reimbursement is for college or academic credit to be used for an employable position at GBMC. Doctoral programs are not covered.

Diversity and Inclusion

The diversity and inclusion mission of the GBMC HealthCare system is to create a more diverse workforce and to foster an inclusive workplace that provides culturally competent care and service of the highest quality to every patient, every time, leading to better health and better care, with the least waste of time, money and effort and with more joy for those providing the care.

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