Inpatient Oncology - Unit 45

Providing specialized care 24 hours a day for adults with malignant disorders and other medical/surgical problems

The Inpatient Oncology Unit combines aesthetics with healing. Patients range from ambulatory chemotherapy to those warranting symptom management and supportive care for progressive disease.

Medical diagnoses most commonly seen include cancer and cancer related complications such as pain, sepsis, neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, and mucositis. Nursing diagnoses often treated include alteration in protective mechanisms, alteration in comfort, alteration in nutrition, alteration in coping, and alteration in breathing.

GBMC's Inpatient Oncology Unit is staffed by registered nurses and ancillary personnel. Over 28% of the nursing staff have obtained national certification in Oncology Nursing from the Oncology Nursing Society. All of the staff who are eligible have received additional training in the administration of chemotherapy and biotherapy.

Oncology certified nurses are supported in providing expert care by a group of dedicated ancillary services.

Ancillary services include:

GBMC's Pharmacy Department supports dedicated oncology pharmacists, who work collaboratively with the oncology team to ensure safe and accurate administration of chemotherapy and biotherapy; this collaboration allows for last minute dosing changes which helps to reduce cost to both patients and providers. The Pharmacy also participates in the Cancer Institute's investigational studies, assists the oncology team with medication procurement for uninsured patients, and assists in the education of our staff.

Nutritional services offers counseling to oncology patients in the inpatient as well as outpatient settings.

Spiritual Support
Spiritual support for patients and families is available throughout the cancer care continuum. Religious and spiritual support is often important to the patient and his family. GBMC's chaplain is supported by specially trained volunteers who help meet the identified needs of both the patient and family. This program is linked with many of the community'sreligious programs and also offers nondeminational support. Learn more about Spiritual Support Services at GBMC.

Physical and Occupational Therapy
Physical and Occupational Therapy offer a full range of evaluative and therapeutic interventions with emphasis on oncology patient rehabilitation.

Pain Services
GBMC's Oncology team collaborates on the management of chronic pain. Acute pain services through the Department of Anesthesiology provides emergency pain management and post-operative pain control.

Home Health Services
Assessment for home health services begins during hospitalization. Home health provide a wide range of services including, but not limited to, skilled nursing, chemotherapy, antibiotics, pain management, physical, occupational, and speech therapy. They also facilitate procurement of durable medical equipment. They also provide a link to hospice services, both inpatient and in the home.

Gilchrist Hospice Care
For additional information or a tour of GBMC's Inpatient Oncology Unit, please call 443-849-2361 or 443-849-2360 and ask to speak to one of the oncology certified nurses.

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