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Lactation Services and Breastfeeding at GBMC

Continued support after mom and baby go home

GBMC offers a telephone "Warmline" (443-849-3428) from 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Breastfeeding related questions and advice are offered at no fee. The Warmline receives more than 8,000 breastfeeding related calls per year. They deal with questions on a wide variety of issues, such as medication while breastfeeding, returning to work, and weaning. Outpatient lactation consultations are offered for a fee, with an appointment made in advance.

The Parent Connection Store offers a lactation support program that provides education, equipment rentals, breastfeeding products and nursing bras. Breastfeeding classes are offered to explore the physical and emotional aspects of breastfeeding, offer techniques and address problems such as latching on and adequate milk supply. The knowledgeable and caring staff is available to answer questions and provide support to new parents.

In-person fee for service lactation consultations are available. Mask are required. If you or your baby have any signs or symptoms of illness, your consultation will need to be rescheduled. Registration and payment must be processed prior to your scheduled appointment. Refunds will not be processed without prior 24 hour confirmed notice. Please call 443-849-3428 to speak to a lactation consultant. To register for a lactation consultation, click here.

Our Services

GBMC offers a number of support services including:

  • One-on-one fee for service lactation consultations are available by appointment only. Please call 443-849-3428.
  • Hospital-grade breast pump rentals are available through the Parent Connection Store, and can be reserved by calling 443-849-2229
  • Support while in postpartum
  • Breastfeeding classes available for pregnant moms
  • Evaluation of baby's oral anatomy and suck
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Virtual Tour

Discover the unique features that GBMC has to offer by taking a look inside Labor & Delivery, Postpartum, and the Parent Connection. This virtual tour guides you through every step of your birth experience at GBMC.


Inpatient Support

GBMC Lactation Consultants are available to see every mother who chooses to breastfeed during her stay in the hospital. The visit consists of basic breastfeeding information, answering any logistical or other questions, as well as giving printed material that includes a breastfeeding log. When necessary, the consultant will perform a complete evaluation of the baby's oral anatomy and suck and/or mother's breast and nipples. If there are any lactation problems or concerns, these will be addressed during the consultation.

If a hospital-grade pump is needed, they are readily available for a mother to use in her hospital room. If one, or desired, for home use, it can be rented prior to hospital discharge. On the day of discharge, the lactation consultant will review basic breastfeeding information and help the parents develop a feeding plan, when necessary.

If a baby is admitted to the Intensive Care Nursery, the lactation consultant will help the mother initiate and maintain an adequate milk supply. When the baby is able to go to breast, the consultant is available for hands on help. In addition, a GBMC lactation consultant will help a mother and/or baby in any unit in the hospital.

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