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Bariatric Surgery & Comprehensive Obesity Management Program

Renowned specialists by your side, every step of the way

GBMC's Comprehensive Obesity Management Program (COMP) understands that bariatric surgery requires a lifelong commitment and offers a variety of support services to help patients before, during and after their procedures. Recognized by the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP), COMP is noted for the comprehensive nature of its services and for its exceptional patient outcomes.

In addition, COMP has partnered up with an exercise physiologist and psychologist to provide patients with multifaceted approach to treating morbid obesity. People with a body mass index (BMI) between 35-40 who suffer from comorbid conditions such as heart disease or type 2 diabetes may qualify for some form of bariatric surgery.

Before meeting with our team we ask that you attend either an online or in-person information session, as well as submitting our new patient packet. Choose an option below and begin your journey today!

Our Team

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Our Services

Through our program, individuals will have access to:

  • Private Facebook support group
  • Regular appointments with a registered dietitian to prepare for surgery and adjust to post-surgery lifestyle and nutrition
  • Exercise and diet programs
  • Three types of bariatric surgery (gastric band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass) performed by top bariatric surgeons, often using laparoscopic techniques
  • Bariatric support groups before and after surgery
Erin Wilson's Story

"My Weightloss Journey" - 5 Episode Series

Follow Ms. Wilson's journey from pre-weight loss surgery through her experience with the GBMC COMP program and to the present.

Watch Erin's Story

Surgical Options

Bariatric surgery is usually minimally invasive, also known as laparoscopic. Laparoscopic surgery results in fewer post-operative complications and pain and allows for an earlier return of bowel function. GBMC's COMP surgeons are additionally trained in single incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS), an approach resulting in minimal scarring.

Most of the stomach is sealed off using a band or surgical staples, except for a small pouch, which is then connected to the middle of the small intestine. The new connection bypasses the bottom portion of the stomach and top portion of the small intestine. This method works by restricting the intake of food well as preventing the body from absorbing all of the food eaten (malabsorption). It is the most common and offers the best weight loss of all of the surgery options.

Gastric banding surgery is less invasive than gastric bypass surgery. During gastric banding surgery, an adjustable band is placed around the top portion of the stomach, limiting the amount of food a person can take in. Although overall weight loss is less than that achieved through gastric bypass, the risk of complications is reduced.

Most of the stomach is removed and the remaining portion is a long tube or "sleeve." The basic anatomy of the digestive system does not change. This procedure reduces complications, decreases the risk of vitamin deficiencies and produces comparable weight loss to that of other types of bariatric surgery.

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