Patient Safety & Quality Measures at GBMC

Our patients have a right to know how we are doing and have made a commitment to be transparent and open about our efforts to provide safe and reliable care

QM- Introduction
Healthcare today is an extremely complex process and we know that it is sometimes imperfect. Incidence of harm in healthcare is a national concern. Included below are many of the metrics we monitor such as hand hygiene, infections, patient satisfaction and quality care measures. Click on the name of the metric to learn more about what it is and see our most current measurements.

We also encourage you to visit the Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) website for consumer guides on hospitals, long term care facilities, ambulatory surgery centers and health plans. Additionally we suggest you check out the Joint Commission's "Speak Up" program to learn how to take a more active role in preventing health errors. Our video library features 13 helpful videos from the Joint Commission.

The Metrics

GBMC Wins National Patient Safety Award

GBMC Wins National Patient Safety Award

The goal at GBMC is 'to treat every patient, every time as a loved one,' VP of patient safety says, after receiving national recognition...

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The Board Quality Committee

The Board Quality Committee is responsible for oversight of the quality and safety of the care provided to patients of the GBMC Healthcare. The membership includes board members, physicians, nurses, patients and family members. The Committee recommends and oversees achievement of the annual quality and safety goals. In addition, they work with leadership to promote a culture of safety throughout the organization. Reports are provided to the Board of Directors at every meeting. Quality and Patient safety is the first report on the Board agenda which allows ample time for discussion.

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Committee Members

Mrs. Sandra Berman

Ms. Monique Booker

John B. Chessare, M.D.

Timothy Doran, M.D.

Cate O’Connor-Devlin, R.N.

Ms. Kaye Flamm

Darlene Fleischmann, ESQ

John Flowers, M.D.

Mr. Jerry Focas, ESQ., Chair

Paul Foster, M.D.

Neal Friedlander, M.D.

Amanda Icenroad, R.N.

Ms. Jane Mace

Mr. Jerry McCann

Dorothy Needer, R.N.

Mr. Thomas J. O’Donnell, Jr.

Robert Palermo, M.D.

Mr. Bernard Rhee

John R. Saunders, Jr., M.D.

Mrs.Mary Pat Seurkamp, Ph.D

Melissa Sparrow, M.D.

Mr. Steven Thomas, ESQ

John Wogan, M.D.

Ms. Carolyn Candiello

Mr. David Hynson

JoAnn Ioannou, DNP, RN

Harold Tucker, M.D.

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